Braintech Company Interactive Productline Rebrands Itself As Mentalytics

With a new direction geared towards esports and software, new CEO Charlie Ohlén along with the company’s owners have decided to rebrand from Interactive Productline to Mentalytics. Interactive Productline was founded in 2002 with the goal of commercializing innovations from Interactive Institute, now part of RISE (Research Institute of Sweden).
The first innovation developed was Mindball Game. A ball rolling back and forth on a table solely dependent on a person’s focus. The intention with the product was for users and visitors to learn and understand focus.  The product, which was one of the first commercial EEG products worldwide, has since been sold to various science centers and larger corporations worldwide, some of which are Coca Cola, US Military Academy, Barclays Bank, Nike, and Castrol.
 “The fact that a product is sold in a more or less unchanged form for 18 years must be quite unique. A conservative estimate shows that more than 15 million people have played Mindball Game,” says Bitte Hanell, founder of Mentalytics.
Mentalytics have over the years developed additional products and with those sought to penetrate larger markets. With each step and product that’s been developed, the company has moved further away from its initial purpose (commercializing innovations from Interactive Institute). With the latest products being more geared towards software and intended to breach new industries, a rebrand with a new name was fitting.
The new product offering Focus Mentalytics is an all-in-one package consisting of three parts: The Headband, The Platform, & The Training Module. Combined these components enable a wider audience to understand and easily train their focus. In light of these changes, the name Mentalytics became representative of the updated vision and mission of the company.
Another aspect which increased the need for a new identity came from the change in leadership that took place in Fall 2020. New CEO Charlie Ohlén, who had worked for the company on a consultancy basis during his bachelors degree and later as Head of Esports, has been crucial in driving this esports- and software- initiative forward. The esports and gaming industry stands out as the perfect entry point for Mentalytics because of its ability to clearly demonstrate the links between focus and performance in their own respective games.
Mentalytic’s established position in Braintech combined with the news of the software-based product Focus Mentalytics has rapidly generated opportunities in other markets than esports as well. Right now, Focus Mentalytic’s 30-day training schedule is being tested in manufacturing, education and traditional sports. One of the companies has already completed the training with a smaller test group and is now expanding the collaboration with training for around 100 employees.
“Mentalytics will be the company when people talk about focus training. We will strive to make focus training fun and accessible to everyone”, says Charlie Ohlén, CEO Mentalytics. To exercise focus, you need an EEG headband with sensors that read the brain’s ability to focus. Existing headbands do not meet Mentalytic’s requirements for functionality, design, or price tag, which is why in spring 2021 they have chosen to start the development of their own EEG headband.
At the same time, the training module in Focus Mentalytics is being developed for mobile in order to enable focus training whenever and wherever. Implementing The Training Module on more devices enables a greater reach in terms of users and doesn’t limit certain industries because of their lack of equipment.
In the coming weeks, Mentalytics will release further news about new members to the Advisory Board, establishment in schools and traditional sports, and their Letter of Intents with partners, one of which is a major car-manufacturer.

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