My Online Schooling Opens Dubai Base


Cambridge International-backed School, My Online Schooling, one of the first British online education schools in the region, has officially established a base in Dubai. Opening as a result of the major demand for a more inclusive and flexible approach to learning fueled by the pandemic, the online platform will now have an official physical presence in Dubai to further cater to those who are seeking an alternative pathway to the traditional approach to learning.

With a thriving international community of pupils and families, My Online Schooling already counts over 1,200 pupils from 80 different countries who attend the school which operates ‘without borders’. More than 165 pupils are already in attendance from the UAE, with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also seeing 47 pupils attend the much-coveted British-curriculum-run school which will continue to operate and deliver its education out of the United Kingdom.

Billed as a global school in the truest sense, over 1,000 interactive lessons take place each week with pupils from key stage 2 to A-Level, and classes ranging from the traditional core subjects including Arabic classes to a wide variety of extracurricular activities and enrichment opportunities to expand the minds of young people beyond the curriculum.

Following the UAE’s future-focused lead on prioritising the outcome of every pupil at every level, My Online Schooling claims it operates with a personalised approach to learning, ensuring that young people are treated as individuals, drawing on their own strengths, creativity, and personalities to achieve their individual success.

Commenting on the opening, My Online Schooling’s founder, Tom Crombie, commented: “Whilst we will continue to operate and run My Online Schooling out of the UK, we are thrilled to be opening up a base in the UAE, a country that champions the importance of progressive education. Online learning is becoming an increasingly popular option from primary right up to the final years of education, and so we have always been passionate about the opportunities that technology can bring. We’re proud to be welcoming new pupils from the region to enjoy a British online curriculum within a model that recognises that pupils learn in different ways and at different paces.

“Our decision to set up a base in Dubai, and indeed in the UAE, is a result of the excellent growth we have seen in the UAE over the past two years. The appetite for online schooling from the region has been high, and many pupils in the UAE already are enlisted as part of My Online Schooling. As a leading international online school and Cambridge International School, we want to be there ‘on the ground’ to support pupils and families in the region that have opted for an online British education.

“We see significant opportunities for further expansion across the UAE and we look forward to being part of the UAE government’s exciting 21st-century education strategy. The UAE is an incredibly forward-thinking nation when it comes to transformation and acceleration towards a prosperous and sustainable future, and we are very humbled to be a part of that and offer a British education of excellence.”

The opening of My Online Schooling builds further on its physical presence in the UK and Australia, with the school now open for admissions for the new academic school year.

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