Nigerian Student’s Water App Emerges Victorious in the Xylem Ignite Global Student Innovation Challenge


Prosper Ukachi, from Abuja, Nigeria, has developed a groundbreaking app called BlueHub, aiming to change the perception of water conservation. Recognized in the Xylem Ignite Global Student Innovation Challenge, Prosper collaborated with Gabriel Portas from Spain to create this revolutionary app.

BlueHub enables users to calculate their water usage and offers various ways to reduce it, earn rewards, and connect with like-minded individuals. The app combines conversational information with a handy usage calculator and utilizes gamification to reward users for their water-saving efforts.

In the Xylem Ignite Global Student Innovation Challenge, BlueHub secured the top spot in the Awareness to Action category for tertiary student projects, highlighting the app’s effectiveness in promoting water conservation.

Prosper’s journey showcases the power of determination and ambition, even in the face of challenges. Despite experiencing personal setbacks, Prosper pursued knowledge and certifications in technology, leading him to collaborate with Gabriel on this impactful project.

The BlueHub app stands as a beacon of hope for water conservation, encouraging individuals to appreciate the value of water and take meaningful actions to protect this precious resource. Prosper’s story also serves as an inspiration for Africa, demonstrating how combining technology, ambition, and knowledge can address the continent’s most pressing challenges.

Chetan Mistry, Xylem Africa’s Strategy and Marketing Manager, expressed pride in Prosper’s and Gabriel’s work and emphasized the significance of a solution developed in Africa tackling global environmental issues.

The Xylem Ignite Global Student Innovation Challenge is an annual competition encouraging students aged 13 to 25 to create projects that address critical water-related challenges. The virtual hackathon offers access to informative webinars and mentorship by water experts, fostering innovation and awareness in water conservation.

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